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  2. Click4Clickers! Please Read - This is IMPORTANT!

    Well, I guess meeting the quota for Google Adsense is now out of the question…I woke up this morning to check my email, only to find this in my email inbox:


    After reviewing our records, we’ve determined that your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due to invalid activity, we’ve found it necessary to disable your AdSense account. Your outstanding balance and Google’s share of the revenue will both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.

    Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
    effectiveness of Google’s advertising system, particularly the
    advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we’ve taken, how
    you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find more information by visiting


    The Google AdSense Team

    To be honest, I’m extremely pissed off. I was almost at the $100 mark to get paid, and a day or so before I could meet that amount, my account was disabled. After doing some research, I found that C4C on Tumblr was the cause, because it breaks the TOS in some way (though it was stated in the small print). I was getting social traffic, rather than getting organic traffic (i.e. asking people to click my ads and in return, I would click theirs.)

    So, to those who are using C4C, please be careful! Find another alternative to monetize your Tumblr, or open an actual website, otherwise you could meet the same fate. I’m sorry to those who have been clicking my ads, you were a great help and you gave me hope! I’m sorry that you wasted your time, though. Thank you so, so much for helping me with the gas situation to get me to and from school…I really do appreciate it.

    I just hope that none of you end up with disabled accounts too - Google may begin to crack down on this “fraud” soon and take your accounts out as well. :


  3. Read my tags :) I’ll do the same thing.. thanks! :)

    Read my tags :)

    I’ll do the same thing.. thanks! :)


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    Webhosting Review

    Web hosting providers are those who place our website on to the map of web. This in turn grants prospects and The web users an opportunity to get to see our internet-site. for example a review of hostgator webhosting. The reality is, any specific hosting product is usually like an important home pc as well as a home pc related to cyberspace. Just one hitting significant difference is without a doubt why these number expertise “serve up” various website pages and hence simply because they are surely termed simply because “server”.

    Along with a big tempo Net connection, website’s expertise definitely offer you house at the online world. Suppliers which will a lot tens of thousands of website pages in general possess an important datacenter, the tremendous interact in servers and cleaners related to cyberspace. Buying a datacenter is amazingly pricy and really few of them all can be managed as a result of sizeable website’s expertise. Possibly even various top notch word wide web presents buy house as a result of datacenters and even put up for sale to help you providers on the firm’s company name.

    Opting for Hosting Expertise
    Without regard for tons of and various designs, every websites presents offer you distinct normal includes. You have got to find out more about a lot of these includes even while availing ones own expertise.

    HTML internet are quite small-scale which range around fourty to help you 50 KB primarily as well as hold a number of pages of content. In general, shots, video fill up alot more house though with regard to your internet-site is simply not a product highly tremendous, an important diskspace in 20MB is without a doubt good enough. In recent times, it is not a vital matters simply because each individual agency grants possible choices in big diskspace.

    It will be in general looked as that every month rules at the level of knowledge which can be used in the patient examining your internet-site online server which will presents your internet-site using the web. In a roundabout way, bandwidth is definitely the way of measuring ones own trageted traffic. Substantial cyberspace website traffic onto your websites, alot more can be ones own bandwidth conditions.

    Message Provides
    May be message provides you may use in the expertise belonging to the number. In general, it’s not necessary to necessitate a number of mails.

    Customer support
    It’s a critical include. Do you want to message guidance and telephonic guidance? With regard to you just aren’t a major websites small business, it include is simply not recommended. Consider, each individual include one use, you will want to shell out the dough.

    Free web hosting is also an option.

    You can surf of these website pages and even comprehend every specific understanding of ones own designs and even storeroom quantity. Designed for lower price website’s it is easy to use comforts of varied cost-effective website’s. Having a web page has grown a powerful most of the time distinctive community in the universe word wide web. Through tens of thousands of website’s expertise offering up distinct designs, opting for a good the initial one is normally challenging. 100 % free website’s, hosting that is shared, special having and even co-located having can be the various categories of hosting expertise as well as use some of these expertise according to ones own demand.


  9. Cheap Webhosting

    Webhosting is a service that enables you to upload and store a site’s HTML documents and related files on a Web server that can be accessed through the internet. Another term for webhosting is site hosting.

    With a number of webhosting companies on the internet, it is sometimes hard to find the one that offers true cheap and quality webhosting. Before, you began to search for companies that offer cheap webhosting, it is important to know what exactly you are looking for. This includes your site features, internet programming languages, database connectivity features, email addresses, domain name, traffic you expect and many other considerations.

    Some cheap webhosting services offer ‘unlimited bandwith’. This is a false claim since ‘bandwith’ refers to the amount of information between the hosting servers and the end user. Another important consideration in choosing a cheap webhost is its support services.

    You must know how prompt the cheap webhosting company can address the problems you encountered. Do some research on the webhosting company’s website. Know how long they have been in operation. Then know if the company offers the service you are looking for.


    If you purchase your own domain name, make sure that the cheap webhosting company supports them and they give you 1 email address. A number of companies offer 10 or more custom pop email accounts with unlimited forwarding address at no additional cost.

    Linux based cheap webhosting services are usually cheaper that Windows, offers PHP and MySQL and telnet accounts. Linux is often used by cheap webhosting companies because Linux based languages and databases are free to install. Windows are usually more expensive that Linux, should support ASP, could have Cold Fusion, Access, SQL Server at additional cost.

    It is hard to find cheap webhosting using Windows since it is expensive for a hosting company to purchase. Cold Fusion, Allair, SQL Server need to be purchased at quite a high price. Access is sold at a very minimal price. If you are looking for extra features in your Windows host then you should be ready to pay extra.

    If you are looking for a cheap webhosting service, then a Linux based service would be the one for you. However, if you are using Microsoft Access databases, a Windows based hosting service with Access support is a requirement.

    When choosing a cheap webhosting company, you must check their support services, do some research from others and compare your requirements with that of the cheap webhosting company’s offerings before you take the plunge.

  10. 4 Things to know about website hosting companies

    In this article we will set out the most important factors to take into account when choosing a hosting company if you want your website to optimally perform in the search engines:

    1. Use different C-Classes; Google has acquired a patent for recognizing and devaluating links that come from the same ip address. The C-Class stands for the last three digits in the ip address. Best is to host websites that interlink to each other with different hosting companies to ensure different C-Classes. If you have websites interlinking to each other you will also benefit if the domain name holder for each website is different. This way it will be harder for Google to find out that the website is managed by the same owner and will not devaluate you links.
    2. Do not host on shared hosting; When a website that is on the same server as yours (shared hosting) and one of these websites gets penalized by Google than all websites from this ip address will be affected.
    3. Another important factor to take into account is performance; A website that will load fast will perform better in Google. Since the beginning of 2010 Google has taken load performance into account in their algorithm.
    4. Geo targetting; If you want to aim on the US market you should consider webhosting your website with an international hosting company with a Dutch customer service so you can speka in your own language then One.com will get you the best results.

    If you have more ideas how choosing the right web hosting for your site can improve your seo please share your ideas in the comments.


  11. How To Start A Website

  12. Make money with CPALead

    CPALead affiliate program works very well with article marketing, in fact it is more profitable than other affiliate programs who tried to sale products over the internet. People are more willing to answer surveys that take only two minutes to complete in order to get free stuff. Here are the steps you need to take in order to make money with CPALead and article marketing:

    1) Register to CPALead affiliate program.

    2) Create a simple product that you like, it can be short ebook, video, pictures, wallpapers or an interesting content and put it on your website / blog.

    3) The next step is to put CPALead gateway code on the page where the people are going to download or watch your product. This will create a popup block on your content. In order to gain full access to this page the viewers will need to answer one of many surveys to choose from and on each survey you get few dollars.

    4) Drive traffic with article marketing to your site or blog. This is the most important step because without traffic to your product you will not be able to make nice amount of money. There are lots of article directories over the internet to submit you articles to them. Those sites have lots of visitors who are interested in deep and vary topics. So just write few articles about your products and what is the value of them to the reader. In the end of each article include a link to your product saying something like: “for more information and free products please visit my site”. This method of article marketing and CPALead affiliate program will sure drive traffic to your site and it will convert to real money. The more articles you submit the better, because you will have more traffic and internet traffic is money.


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    Cpalead and your website

    In today’s world everyone wants to make money with their websites. There are lots of techniques to do this and it can happen really fast. It is t true that some techniques to make money with your website will work for you and other will not but I can guarantee you that if you will use CPALead affiliate program your chance to make big money will increase by 50%.

    The key element for internet marketing success is to get visitors to your website or blog. There are many ways that you can get lot of visitors to your website but the best one is SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, by optimize your site correctly you can get a lots of traffic from the biggest place on the web – the search engines. Of course you can also get traffic from facebook, twitter and YouTube but still the organic traffic from search engine is better because it last for the long term.

    Here are 3 best ways to make money with your website:

    The first one is by using Google AdSense which is the most well known affiliate program on the internet. The concept is very simple: Google place targeted ads that related to your site content which increase the chance that your visitors will click on them because of the relevancy to the content. For each click you will get a few cents.

    The second way to make money with your website is affiliate programs, it works like this: you put reviews and recommendations on your website for a specific product and you will get a commission for every sale you close. Some programs pays 4% commission while other pays even 75%. It is really depends on the program your register to.

    The third and the best way to make money with your website is CPALead affiliate program. All you have to do is to register to CPALead and put their html code in your website. This code will block the content of your site until the visitor will answer a very short survey. For each action you will get up to 5 dollar. In order to make it attractive you should offer your visitors things that they want very much for example free eBooks, mp3, video and games.

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    Monetizing a Website With CPALead Affiliate Program

    cpalead - Many webmasters and bloggers work very hard to monetize their web properties by placing ads and hopping to get good revenue. While this method was very good in the lat few years, something has changed. In today’s technology world, everyone knows how to spot those ads and to tell you the true they are completely ignore them. Putting ads on your site is not easy, in fact it takes long time to register to an ad network, and then you have to get approved by them which take another few days. After you get approved you need to customize the banners, decide where and how to put them and many more tasks that taking your time while you are losing money every minute. You can also try Google adsense but than again, even if it is the faster way it is not the most profitable way. You will get only few cents per one click on the ad, so you have to have thousands of visitors each day to your web site to get a descent amount of money every month. Selling products on your site is a good solution however there are few disadvantages – the commissions are not that high, customers might return the product and you will not get paid for this, and you have to make a sell to get paid which is really tricky. As of the year 2010 the best way to make money with your blog or website is CPA networks. The best CPA network I came across is CPALead affiliate program. It is very easy to register and start earning easy cash from your website very quick. All is require after a short registration is to put a simple code on your site and you are set. The code in your site will block certain place on your site and if your visitor really want to get access to your content such as article, eBooks, games movies, music, picture and etc. they will need to answer a short and funny survey and you will get paid from one dollar to even six dollar for each visitor. It is really great way to make money from your website right now. So go a try CPALead, you have nothing to lose.

  15. Google Caught in a Big Lie?

    SEO Blackhat posted a story which purports to catch Google in a lie. Essentially, QuadsZilla accuses Google of saying they don’t have the capability of manually changing results, and then saying they manually changed results during an experiment.

    To be fair, the first statement was from 2008 and the latter statement was from 2011 about an experiment performed in 2010. A lot can happen in two years. Algorithms can change. Manual tweaks can be integrated. Also, I am not sure it is fair to compare a live algorithm with what may have been an internal experiment.

    All that being said, QuadsZilla is wise not to trust Google, Matt Cutts, or Udi Manber. They have no duty to tell the truth about Google’s algorithm.

    (Source: onlinemakingmoney)